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Awarded by the ARRS RadiologySearch awarded Awarded by the ARRS
by the American Roentgen Ray Society

Awarded by the ARRS

We proudly annouce that Radiology Search has been awarded at the meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS ) 2008 in Washington / DC.

Furthermore Radiology Search was presented as an exhibit:

Title: A peer-reviewed and user tailored radiology search engine. (Exhibit 1260 )

Object or Purpose of Study
Many Internet search engines display non-specific search results. It is time-consuming to filter out irrelevant information. Radiologists need a tool to search & display radiology-specific and peerreviewed contents. Non-radiology contents and contents of questionable correctness need to be filtered to find more targeted hits, thus reducing time needed to find the desired information. A radiology-specific and peer-reviewed search engine, with high validity and reliability, customized to the individual user's needs is desirable.

Materials, Methods and Procedures
This program is running on a Pentium III Quad processor server with Windows Server 2003 (Microsoft Corporation ) as operating system. Core technology is based on PERL scripting language. Some features use technology from PubMed Reader ( ) and Google ( ) which are seamlessly integrated into the program. There is no need for additional plugins from the user side. Hundreds of peer-reviewed radiology related websites and journals have been selected to be searched. A user-defined area allows to individualize the result display and to save frequently used searches.

This is a free service, which is exclusively dedicated to searching & displaying radiological contents. Peer-reviewed contents & websites are included in the search engine, thus shortening the time needed to find relevant information & increasing the specificity of the results. This includes, but is not limited to, general & specific searches for cases, individual images, CME opportunities, books and other publications, radiological societies and radiology related products. Search specific news and display of most recent publications keep the radiologist uptodate in the field of interest. Users may tailor their searches to their specific needs in a dedicated preference section.

Significance of the Conclusions
This user-tailored radiology search engine increases the specificity and reduces the amount of time the radiologist needs to find the desired information. Validity and reliability are high due to only searching peer-reviewed contents. Customization of the search engine satisfy the individual's preferences and needs.

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