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Radiology Search Newsletter from 09/05/2008


Radiology Search joins Radiolopolis

Radiolopolis is a community platform for Radiology, where people from all over the world connect to peers, find information from colleagues and share their knowledge.

Radiolopolis - The Radiology community for education, research and practice The purpose of this platform is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of radiologists, residents, medicals students, technologists and industry can be melted within one central platform. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.

Radiolopolis - The Radiology community for education, research and practice Some features:

  • Find and connect to people with similar interests
  • Discussion forums divided in special interests
  • Preparing for the Radiology boards
  • Find tutorials and eLearning material
  • Share images, videos and teaching files
  • Simplify research and find partners
  • General and Radiology specific search engines
  • Radiology news
  • Start an academic/scientific career with publishing case reports
    Tools for residency, research and practice (e.g. calculators, case trackers etc. )

The founders of Radiolopolis developed in the past years several educational and clinical / practical programs (see image above ), which where running separately. We recognized, that the full power of these programs can be best utilized when combined. That's how the idea of "Radiolopolis" was born. We will continuously add and incorporate more programs into Radiolopolis, so that they can be seamlessly used by our "citizens" directly from this website.

The Radiolopolis website is

Beginners might find tutorials and explanations about all features on Radiolopolis in the -> FAQ section

An update section keeps the user informed about new features -> Updates Section


New semantic search included

A new semantic search function now enhances your search by offering results, which are similar to the searched one. This is especially helpful if the user is not quiet certain of the correct term to search for. The function can be activated by marking the checkbox "Include: Semantic search" below the search form.

New journals added: JACR and JRCR

We added the Journal of American College of Radiology (JACR ) and J ournal of Radiology Case Reports (JRCR ) into our journal quick access list.

Featured journal: JRCR

Current issue of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports
A new generation of Radiology journals for interactive Radiology case reports and Radiology review articles is born! The Journal of Radiology Case Reports is the first peer-reviewed scientific journal which enables the users to see the articles in an interactive fashion, as used on radiological workstations. It allows to scroll through image stacks, window and level the images, pan and magnify the images and even more. This is definitely the type of journal of the future!
Two thumbs up!
  • Open access
  • Free submission
  • Free publication
  • Blinded peer-review
  • Interactive case reports and review articles
  • International authors, reviewers and editors
  • Every article receives DOI (Digital Object Identifier )
  • Indexed in Scientific Commons , Index Copernicus , OAIster , Google Scholar etc.
  • Medline/PubMed indexing in process
  • Publications available in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, Interactive articles, Video )


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